The Kempstress: Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! 

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! I read in this magazine about a job called Lieutenant Governor, where you get to kinda still be the governor, but you don't actually have to do anything--doesn't that sound rad? Count me in! How about them apples, Mister Schmeckretary of the Shminterior?"

Or at least, that's how we imagined the moment when Patricia Kempthorne decided that after five years as Idaho's First Lady, her appetite for being a local figurehead had not yet been satisfied. Now she wants to be named Lieutenant Governor when the current LG, Jim Risch, moves into the Governor's chair, because Patricia's husband Dirk, the current governor, was picked to be new Secretary of the Interior because the old one resigned and Dirk took the president on a bike ride. Got all that?

The Lewiston Tribune broke the story of Lady Patricia's ambition on Sunday, saying that Kempthorne's friends had convinced her to ask Risch for his consideration. But both Kempthorne's and Risch's lips have been tight ever since the story came out. On Tuesday, Risch told the Idaho Statesman "It's far too premature" to start yakking 'bout that name jive, and that he has a long list of qualified applicants to consider. On Monday, talking to KTVB Channel 7, Risch also admitted, "I will consider some who haven't asked to be considered." This is great news. We're counting on that at least a couple of BW staffers are on that list. Cope's gotta be on it. And just for fun, Humphrey, the Boise Hawk's mascot.

This is going to be the best lame-duck administration ever.

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