The Last Time We'll Ever Use This Awesome Mugshot 

That's right, enjoy this Alice Cooper-esque headshot while you can, folks. Because as of last week, the face belonging to Shelli Rose Dewey--along with the rest of her--has been sentenced to serve two consecutive life sentences in prison for lethally skewering her husband during a lover's brawl in the streets of Elko, Nevada.

Dewey, 34, of Boise, was convicted last month of killing hubby Steven Dewey, during a weekend visit in September 2004. According to the extensive coverage in the Elko Daily Free Press, witnesses testified that they heard screaming outside of Goldie's Bar in downtown Elko 'round about closing time and saw Steven Dewey bleeding out on the ground while his wife called 911. Police found the murder weapon resheathed under the seat of the Deweys' pickup and even got Shelli to confess to stabbing her husband--albeit "not on purpose."

At the trial, Shelli Dewey's defense attorney painted a different picture of the incident, describing the defendant as a loyal and selfless wife whose conviction was a product of police bungling and witnesses who only assumed they heard a fight in the streets. Dewey has filed an appeal of her conviction to the Nevada Supreme Court, meaning we may--if we're lucky--have another chance to feature her in BW before she's finally sent upriver. If not, she'll be eligible for parole in 20 years.

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