The Lingering Stink 

How do we get rid of it after he's out

Bill Cope

This is addressed to those citizens who already know our country is in damn deep doo-doo.

Let's say this rolls out as it appears, increasingly, to be rolling out. Let's say at some point in the coming months, it is convincingly demonstrated to all but the irredeemably dense that the most egregious betrayal of American democracy, ever, did indeed happen last November. Let's say that by... to take a random stab at the calendar... Independence Day, we know beyond reasonable doubt that the election was stolen from Hillary Clinton—lock, stock and, yes, electoral college—and more relevantly, that it was stolen from the substantial majority who voted for her.

Then, if it gets that far—as it already has for anyone who has been watching the dots being inexorably connected—let's say we know with certainty how such a desecration of our 240-plus year process for choosing presidents was accomplished: that it was managed through covert manipulation by a hostile foreign power, and with the cooperation of highly placed individuals within the Trump campaign.

Let us say further that by July 4, the dots have been connected well beyond the grungy Paul Manafort dot, the noxious Mike Flynn dot, the idiot Carter Page dot and the wormy Jeff Sessions dot. Let us say those damning connections have reached all the way to the DIC (Dot-In-Chief), and we know—at least, those of us with enough concern for America's future to care to know—that the very individual who boasts of being the only one who can Make America Great Again played an active role in the greatest act of treason to our nation since the Confederacy tried to dissolve the Union by force of arms. By then, we would also know, let's say, that since taking office, he has been frantically trying to hide his culpability under distraction, bluster and force of arms.

(I admit there is an awfully lot of "let's say" in this presentation. Given the reality that about two-thirds of this conjecture has already been established—not to mention that the DIC himself is on tape inviting the hostile foreign power to interfere in the campaign—I'm confident that whatever limb I'm out on is sturdy and thick, and about as liable to break as the DIC is to finish a four-year term. With that said, let us continue...)

Let's say that by Labor Day—as the portrait of criminal conspiracy has been fleshed out so vividly that even groveling invertebrates like Paul Ryan can no longer pretend they don't smell anything—that the mechanism to remove the DIC from office has been set in motion. And let us say that by Veterans Day, the eyes of America are glued to the wide screens, watching the impeachment trial and, that by New Year's Day, the ex-POTUS is either residing permanently in Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower (provided his wife lets him back in) or, most appropriately, a federal prison.

My fellow anxious citizens, it is then—when the avalanche of evidence has settled and the rotten bastard is buried under it—that we have our most vital, most far-reaching, decisions to make. Once the Trump presidency is a thing of the shameful past, are you and I going to sit by and allow anything he has done during his defilement of the nation's top office to stand?

* * *

The most pressing reason that we, the anxious ones, are so anxious is not so much the damage coming directly from the MOAC (Mother Of All Creeps)—given that he has proven to be even more stupid and incompetent than we feared just a few months ago—but from the institutional damage his appointments are doing to the agencies they've been assigned to administer: The EPA under Scott Pruitt, Education under DeVos, everyday affronts to human decency by ICE agents, the threats to the arts, to science, to the nation's health, the Supreme Court with Neil Gorsuch on it, Mike Pence as the replacement creep... these travesties and more are the Trump legacy taking hold even as this is being written. Even as the MOAC is looking more and more like a fragile porcelain grotesquery teetering on the edge of a big smash, the machinery he has set in motion will roll on—if we allow it.

When our worst fears are confirmed—when we know that it was treason that gained this swine the presidency—we must assume that the people he's appointed were as aware of the festering stink around him as we were. Most likely long before we were. Yet they agreed to become part of his scheme anyway. That, in my book, makes them co-conspirators.

So to this anxious citizen, it's simple. Would we allow the aftermath of any other criminal act to stand? If a thief burglarized our home, made off with everything of value and vandalized what he couldn't carry away, would we complacently allow the thief's cronies—the aiders, abettors, the accomplices—to benefit from his crimes?

When the traitor Trump has been removed, will we meekly endure the continuing disorder in our home—our neighborhoods, our society, our world—without fighting like angry Marines to set it right? Are we going to flush out every vestige of the Trump stain, and put our nation back to where it was before the bully broke it? Or are we going to celebrate the outcome of one battle, even as we lose the war?

FYI: Supreme Court justices and vice presidents can be impeached, too.

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