The Melting Pot 

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Despite the fact that Sixth Street is torn to shreds directly outside the Melting Pot, the restaurant has a distinctly calm feel. From outside, it appears to be a small space, but the building had much greater depth than I imagined. Tables for large groups are located at the front, but the real gems are located toward the rear. People looking for an intimate setting, look no further. In most of the booths for two, you sit adjacent to the person accompanying you, enclosed on three sides, creating a distinctly private ambiance.

The menu selection is not as vast as they would like you to believe. You are tempted on page one by the "Big Night Out," which consists of a four-course dinner for two, including a cheese fondue appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert. You select which flavors you would like for each course and what variety of meats. Throughout the menu, the choices remain the same, but will cost you more if ordered separately.

We felt it only appropriate to go for broke and ordered the Big Night Out. Our server cooked the cheese appetizer tableside, and indulged our questions while politely ignoring the drooling. The cheese is served with bread, fruits and vegetables to dip, but they are merely an excuse to indulge in a ridiculous amount of melted cheese. The salads were salads. We were eagerly awaiting the entrée as we watched the pot of broth on the hot plate in front of us come to a boil, but it was only after the server left, and we had each stabbed a beautiful piece of tuna that we became alarmed. I like tuna raw and seared, but boiled? In broth? We threw caution (and perfectly good pieces of meat) to the wind and plunged them in. We then agreed that boiling filet mignon as well was nothing short of criminal. In the end, we had to dip it in barbecue sauce, which also goes against all reason. The broth is very salty, which does not enhance most of the food items; needless to say, we left the entrée unfinished.

For dessert, we chose Yin & Yang, a mixture of dark and white chocolate swirled together. Now this is why you go to a fondue restaurant. For $14 a la carte, I'd go back for the dessert.

-Joline Boyett Armuth never doubted Chicken of the Sea is tuna.

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