The Most Important Question of the Day: Where Should We Go for Breakfast? 

The stuffed French toast at Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro, 108 S. Capitol Blvd.,

Kelsey Hawes

The stuffed French toast at Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro, 108 S. Capitol Blvd.,

Going out for breakfast or brunch is a fun, delicious way to stay in touch with friends and family, but finding a different place to try each time can be a headache—especially if people in your party are hangry or hungover. To save you the hassle of dealing with growling stomachs or pickled brains while you search the internet, we compiled a list of local restaurants in the Treasure Valley that serve morning fare.

If you don't see your favorite breakfast or brunch place on the list, don't despair; let us know about it, and we'll add it online.

Now, stop waffling and get eggscited, because these breakfast eateries are the toast of the town, and if you're like us, you never sausage a thing before.


13th Street Pub and Grill

1520 N. 13th St.


1515 W. Grove St.


501 W. Main St.


121 N. Ninth St

Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery—Boise

610 W. Grove St.

Big City Coffee and Cafe

1416 W. Grove St.

Blue Sky Bagels

407 W. Main St.

Capri Restaurant

2520 W. Fairview Ave.

Cottonwood Grille

913 W. River St.

Emilio's (Grove Hotel)

245 S. Capitol Blvd.


199 N. Eighth St.

Goldy's Breakfast Bistro

108 S. Capitol Blvd.

Goldy's Corner

625 W. Main St.

High Note Cafe

225 N. Fifth St.


211 N. Eighth St.

Modern Bar and Hotel

1314 W. Grove St.

Moon's Kitchen Cafe

712 W. Idaho St.

Red Feather Lounge

246 N. Eighth St.

Saint Lawrence Gridiron

705 W. Bannock St.

The Basque Market (monthly sheepherders breakfast)

608 W. Grove St.

Waffle Me Up

204 N. Capitol Blvd.

Wild Root Cafe and Market

276 N. Eighth St.

36th Street Bistro

3823 N. Garden Center Way

Eddie's Diner

3095 N. Lakeharbor Lane

River City Coffee and Cafe

5517 W. State St.

Boise Bistro Market

6103 W. Fairview Ave.

Los Betos

6615 W. Fairview Ave

Moon's Kitchen

6767 W. Fairview Ave.

The Cheesecake Factory

330 N. Milwaukee St.

The Egg Factory

8061 W. Fairview Ave.

The Original Pancake House

5900 W. Fairview Ave.

Bad Boy Burgers

815 S. Vista Ave

Boise, ID 83705

Castle Ranch Steakhouse

3300 S. Vista Ave.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

3201 W. Airport Way

Kopper Kitchen

2661 W. Airport Way

Quinn's Restaurant and Lounge

1005 S. Vista Ave.

Rockies Diner

3900 W. Overland Road

Zee's Rooftop Cafe

250 S. Fifth St.

Great Harvest Bread Co.—Boise

5608 W. Fairview Ave.


3110 S. Bown Way

Tavern at Bown Crossing

3111 S. Bown Way

The Chef's Hut

164 S. Cole Road

Trolley House

1821 E. Warm Springs Ave.

Great Harvest Bread Co.— Meridian

12570 W. Fairview Ave.

Los Betos

6906 W. State St.

Merritt's Family Restaurant

6630 W. State St.

Blue Sky Bagels

12375 Chinden Blvd.

Riverside Grill

2900 W. Chinden Blvd.

Sunrise Cafe

7135 W. State St.

The Egg Factory

6882 W. State St.

Caffe Capri

2242 E. Gowen Road


Banbury Golf Course

2626 S. Marypost Place

Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery—Eagle

155 E. Riverside Dr.

Bella Aquila

775 S. Rivershore Lane

Joe Momma's Breakfast Eatery

600 S. Rivershore Lane


93 S. Eagle Road

The Perks of Life

1540 E. Iron Eagle Dr.

Wild West Bakery and Espresso

83 E. State St.


Firehouse Pizzeria and Grill

726 E. Avalon St.


Blue Sky Bagels

3161 E. Fairview Ave.

Blue Sky Bagels

126 E. Idaho Ave.

Corner Bakery Cafe

3680 E. Fairview Ave.

Ed's 50's Cafe

979 S. Progress Ave.

Epi's Basque Restaurant

1115 N. Main St.

Express Cafe

400 E. Fairview Ave.

Frankie's Java

112 E. Idaho Ave.

Little Kitchen Pastries

433 N. Main St.

Los Betos

3143 Magic View Dr.

Moe Joe's Breakfast Eatery

2951 E Overland Road

Steve's Cafe

2483 E. Fairview Ave.

Original Sunrise Cafe

805 N. Main St.

Tree City Juice and Smoothie Cafe

3355 E. Fairview Ave.

Grant's Neighborhood Grill

1835 W. Cherry Lane

Homestead Bar and Grill

6275 N. Linder Road

Le Peep

3036 N. Eagle Road


Coffee Cup Cafe

112 Third St. S.

LeBaron's Honker Cafe

1210 Second St. S.

Sarah's Bagel Cafe

509 12th Ave. Road

The Egg Factory

16011 N. Idaho Center Blvd.

Los Betos

2501 Caldwell Blvd.

Los Betos

16023 Idaho Center Blvd.

Los Betos

177 Caldwell Blvd.

TNT's Dynamite Bar and Grill

16 12th Ave. N.


Los Betos

1003 Cleveland Blvd.

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