The Nespresso Aeroccino 3 

Frothy milk magic


The Nespresso Aeroccino 3

Creating the frothy milk that makes a cappuccino a cappuccino is a task best left to professionals--before now.

On most espresso machines, the steam used to create the froth comes whooshing out at more than 150 degrees and can be loud enough to wake the neighbors. A well-versed barista can handle that kind of pressure, but unless there's a tip jar on your kitchen counter (and you make your roommates or family pony up for a cup of joe), you're not getting paid to take the risks associated with forming your own froth. Though the name makes it sound like an Italian-made spaceship, Nespresso's Aeroccino 3 is a study in form and function.

Form: It's about the size of a standard coffee bean grinder, with a sleek, cylindrical design made of heavy plastic and stainless steel; the "retro line" is available in glossy black, red or white; and it comes with a frothing whisk and a latte whisk, which can both be stored in the base of the frother. Plus, the whisks attach to the inside of the frother magnetically, so are easily removed, making cleanup a breeze.

Function: Pour milk in and press the button. It's that simple. The Aeroccino is even quieter than your cellphone set on "buzz," and it has both a hot and cold setting.

We're not suggesting you stop visiting your local coffeeshop altogether, but you may want to put a tip jar on the counter at home.

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