The New Train 

He did such a good job getting publicity for buying the Boise Tour Train, we have no doubt that Don Becker will be able to overcome his latest little hurdle. The New Orleans ex-pat who bought the slow-moving Boise tourist mobile found out the hard way that his new choo-choo isn't street legal. More to the point, it might not have been at any time in its 28-year history.

After purchasing the train, Becker bought some other Italian-made train cars and sought to get his fleet registered with the Idaho Transportation Department.

"They told me, 'Not only can you not title those, but the ones you have are improperly titled,'" Becker told BW.

But ITD spokesman Jeff Stratten said Becker needs only to go to the City of Boise to get a special permit for the vehicles.

"The good news is, he won't need a title or to spend the money to get a license," said Stratten, ever the optimist.

But Becker has gone over all heads, to the Idaho Legislature. Rep. Max Black, a Boise Republican, has already agreed to push legislation to define "tour vehicles" and "tour trailers" as actual vehicles in the eyes of Idaho law.

"We're committed to making this work for him," Stratten said.

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