The Numbers 

More than 20,300 households participated in the collection of household hazardous materials waste. The material contractor, Clean Harbors Inc., categorized and processed 1,064,741 pounds of material. 892,896 pounds, or 84 percent of those materials were recycled or reused. 171,845 were destroyed at an off-site incinerator. Of those 892,896 pounds, latex paint comprised 31 percent; motor oil 18 percent; batteries 17 percent; oil-based paint 14 percent; flammable liquids made up 8 percent; antifreeze 3 percent; and the rest was made up of other materials.

More than 18,600 CRTs (the tubes inside computer monitors, televisions and other electronic devices) were shipped to a recycling facility.

More than 64 million pounds of wood were diverted from the landfill for reuse.

More than 11,800 tons of recyclable commodities were collected through curbside recycling in Ada county.

A total of 2,669 refrigeration units—refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners—were processed (the Freon removed, the metal recycled).

Of the 1,917,936 cubic yards of waste that arrived at the landfill, 44 percent was compacted waste (that which arrives in a garbage truck); 24 percent was non-compacted waste (often brought by customers hauling their own waste); 21 percent was demolition or construction waste (dirt, wood, metal, wallboard, rocks, concrete, dirt); and 11 percent was recyclable wood waste (placed in the recycling area and not buried in the landfill).

Source: Ada County Solid Waste Management Department, Year End Report for fiscal year 2007.

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