The Octopus Project 

Wednesday, Jan. 24, The Olympic

The Octopus Project, an indie-experimental pop quartet from Austin, Texas, might be the most funktastic band you've never heard of. In lieu of reading its history, get to the essence of The Octopus Project by watching the music video for "Sharpteeth," a track from Fever Forms (Peek-A-Boo Records, 2013). In the video, the members of the group have clusters of brightly colored feathers instead of faces, and singsong "kids with sharp teeth know a thing or two / about the things they'd rather do," as their silhouettes explode outward in time with the insistent drone of an electronic beat. In short, The Octopus Project is wonderfully weird, and its mix of experimental electronic syncopation and intelligent, oddball lyrics has graced eight full-length albums so far, plus a handful of singles and movie scores, including one for Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, which won a Special Jury Award at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. The band will be in Boise at The Olympic following the release of Memory Mirror (Robot High School, 2017), so If you have a penchant for oddness, that's the place to be.

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