The Richest Man in Town 

click to enlarge A wonderful life is right.

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A wonderful life is right.

The Richest Man in Town

More and more, the turn of a new year can signify what we leave behind as opposed to what we may gain. But for me, that sentiment became all too literal this holiday season. Simply put (and there was very little about it that was simple), I experienced a serious health crisis in late December. What was supposed to be simple outpatient surgery to remove my gallbladder quickly spiraled into a litany of emergency surgeries and being admitted to hospitals in Idaho and Washington.

Suffice to say, I survived it all, and while I was the beneficiary of some miracles of modern medicine, my rehabilitation truly depended on my family—both blood relatives and my Boise Weekly family. The love and unconditional support I felt across the miles had everything to do with my recovery.

I'm blessed to have a job where I meet and listen to smart, caring people for a living. For the record, though, my BW colleagues are head-and-shoulders above the rest. They are as dedicated and professional as you might imagine, but indulge me for a moment to tell you how loving and kind they are.

As I was convalescing on Christmas Eve, I, like many of you, watched It's a Wonderful Life on television for the umpteenth time. In that final scene, when someone said, "Here's to my big brother George, the richest man in town," no truer words were ever spoken. Happy New Year, indeed.


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