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If there are two words that can raise the hackles of Boise hikers, runners and mountain bikers, they're "trail conditions." If the singletrack is too muddy or if patches of snow linger next to the trail, that can be the difference between a blissed-out day in the Foothills and shambling home in defeat. There have been many attempts at posting trail conditions for the Boise Foothills, but the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page updates are undoubtedly among the best, as they offer no-nonsense, plain-English reports, plus useful trail tips and suggestions daily. Here's a recent excerpt:

"You will find mostly dry trail conditions today, with a few persistent puddles and short sections of mud. Please travel through these, not around them so as not to widen the trails."

If rain is in the forecast or there's scheduled maintenance on the paths, the Ridge to Rivers administrator will point users to alternatives or suggest "protocols" to help folks make the most of the trail system. With Ridge to Rivers instantly accessible on your smartphone, it will be that much easier to plan your first hike this spring.

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