The Seatopians 

The Funky Taco, Friday, Feb. 22

It would be a pretty far cry to associate southern Idaho with the sounds of the surf, unless, of course, you're thinking of The Seatopians. Though local music blog Music Monday spins an exciting tale of the band's ascent from an underwater colony to join "the surface nation," we're fairly sure these talented musicians have been earth-dwellers all along, just with a taste in tunes that runs more towards '60s California surfer dude than fiddle-plucking mountain dweller. The instrumental three-piece features guitarist John Lucas, drummer Seth Hoffman and bassist Hayden McCandless often bracketed by a screen beaming low-budget movie clips. As the band puts it: "Come for the pounding rhythms, sexy riffs and walls of reverb; stay for the sci-fi B-movie references." See The Seatpians in action when the group invades (its word, not ours) The Funky Taco on Friday, Feb. 22.


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