The Secret 

What if, when your wife died, her soul actually ended up in the body of your daughter? Think you'd be cool with that? Nah. Neither is Dr. Benjamin Marris (David Duchovny, TV's The X-Files).

When a car wreck kills his wife, Hannah (Lili Taylor, The Haunting), and critically injures his daughter, Samantha (Olivia Thirlby, Juno), it looks as though Dr. Marris will have a rough go of it. But when his daughter wakes up claiming to be his now-buried wife, things get ... um, more complicated. As the long-married couple struggles to understand this new arrangement, Hannah tries to cope with her new 16-year-old body and finally gain understanding of the strained mother-daughter relationship.

Maybe you already guessed this from the synopsis, but if you want to know what to expect, picture Freaky Friday, but without anything funny or cutesy. Also, picture it being dramatic, as in, there's no body swap; Mom is dead. Oh, and the daughter takes drugs.

The cast is pretty solid, but the movie's basically an overly dark supernatural drama. Sadly, there's never any explanation for the transference, and "the secret" isn't really a secret. But the end is sort of sad.

Unfortunately, this title is yet another remake of something the Japanese probably did better the first time around. It's decent enough entertainment but certainly doesn't leave one with any lasting emotional connection. You will probably find more value in the handful of 1980s parent-child body-swapping comedies.

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