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As old as the stocking stuffer tradition is, nobody actually wears those stockings. For all the cheap candy, playing cards and assorted knickknacks crammed therein, those so-called stockings--often pieces of felt sewn into the profile of a boot--are only good for one thing, one day a year.

This year, stuff real socks with goodies and see how your friends' faces light up. Try the kicks from Sock Guy. There are dozens of patterns to choose from online and an ample selection at local retailers like Bandanna Walking and Running, including sock monkeys in several varieties, like the Jolly Roger (monkey head, crossed bananas), shark socks and moose crossing. They also come in colors spanning the outrage scale, from hot pink with unicorns to Civil War gray.

These aren't novelty socks, though: They're designed for hardcore runners looking to give off a more lighthearted impression. For the average wearer, they're form fitting, warm and have the added property of wicking away sweat to keep your feet dry. Made from a blend of micro denier acrylic, nylon and Spandex, they mean business.

At $10 a pair, they're the perfect combination of style and function.

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