The View From There: Up On the Roof (Deux) 

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While most Boiseans look down from  downtown rooftops and see traffic and rows of buildings, Barbara Perry Bauer, the special events coordinator for Preservation Idaho, can practically see every brick. It’s her job and her passion to learn and know the history of the Boise cityscape. And it’s a passion she and her organization can’t wait to share from above.

“We started to think about to some folks who had buildings with roof top venues,” said Bauer, preparing for the Saturday, June 20, Up On The Roof Deux event. “The idea was to try and get an event that would bring attention to Preservation Idaho and be something that was fun… a little bit different and a unique way to get people interested in the history of structures and architecture.”

2015 marks the second year for the event, which will include rooftop tours of four iconic buildings (some more historic than others): The Owyhee, The Hoff Building, Holland & Hart Offices, located on the 17th floor of the Zion’s Bank Building, and Plaza 121. In addition to the views, the event will include live music, local catering, and local beverages. Each location is staffed with enthusiastic volunteers, ready to share the history of the distinctive architecture styles utilized in the design of the building.

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  • Preservation Idaho
“It’ll be really cool to be on top of structures to see how the skyline has changed… It’s interesting that people will get to explore the architecture of the buildings from all these different decades,” said Bauer.

Since the 1960s, when the group formed to stand up against plans to level many downtown structures to make room for the novel and new idea of the shopping mall, Preservation Idaho has been sticking to its mission statement: “Preserving Idaho's historic places through collaboration, education, and advocacy.”

Recently highlighted for its dedication in preserving houses in the Central District, Bauer and her fellow members of Preservation Idaho say they feel strongly about the history woven into each of the four locations featured for this year's Up on the Roof. Bauer said she hopes to replicate some of the wonder and awe event attendees felt the first time they experienced their city from a new perspective.

“The fact that people were on top of the roof and you could see people on other rooftops, you know, it was just this feeling of community in a different way. There was all this activity down below us, but people were looking around and really seeing Boise from a new perspective,” Bauer said. “When you’re up above, and you’re high on those rooftops, you really see the layout of the city, you really see the historic structures of the city in a new way.”

For Boise residents eager to fall in love all over again with their city, Up On The Roof Deux will not fall short. With a view of the Foothills at dusk to the east and the metropolitan buzz below, attendees might be overcome with urges to shout their admiration for The City of Trees from the iconic rooftops they are touring.

The event will be held Saturday, June 20, 6 p.m.– 9 p.m. Musical guests will include the Boise Cello Collective, the Vinyl Preservation Society, Pamela DeMarche & Friends, and local folk guitarist, Doug Brown. Food will be provided by Kindness, Berryhill, and On the Fly. Admission is $40 for Preservation Idaho members and $50 for non-members. 

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