The virtual world gets inked. 

Do actual, physical newspapers have a place in the future?

Last week, the journalism club of Riverstone International School spent an hour at BWHQ and a similar question from one of the students prompted an interesting debate among staffers as the student audience looked on. One staffer gave the physical paper about a decade before extinction. Another was more generous with her estimation but didn't discount the idea that extinction may be on the horizon. Others hypothesized about some eventual "bottoming out" that may lead to a revival of the physical newspaper.

But we don't have any crystal balls. We're certainly not industry analysts, and even we don't put much stock into our predictions. We may not have the answers to the future, but we do have a philosophy regarding the present: We embrace the print world and the virtual world with equal enthusiasm. Will we have newspapers in the future? Who knows, but we have them now. And what about online news and the future? Who knows, but we have it now. We print a paper, and then we Facebook, we Twitter, we post stories at that never make it into the paper, we blog and we read lots of other blogs out there. Which brings me to this week's main feature. Greta Christina is a freelance writer and blogger out of San Francisco, and although she's published a handful of books, Christina's work lives largely in the digital world. In the blogosphere, specifically.

Printing what amounts to a blog entry as our main feature this week may sound ludicrous. Then again, maybe not. Christina's piece is an interview with blogger Mike Rogers, who is the voice behind and the blogger who first outed Sen. Larry Craig in October 2006. Earlier this year, Rogers starred in the documentary Outrage, in which he talked about his work to expose what he calls hypocrisy in government--top-ranking officials who work against gay rights while not exactly practicing what they preach when they go home at night. Craig features prominently in the interview, and we think you'll enjoy it. Even if it is little more than blogger-on-blogger action.

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