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Broken Puppy was a humourously minimalist event with not-so-minimalist food.

Tara Morgan

Broken Puppy was a humourously minimalist event with not-so-minimalist food.

Covering the arts in Boise isn't all free theater tickets and shooting the shit with our favorite musicians. After a full day of eyestrain and early onset arthritis, we drag our butts out to the late-night concerts and art openings that we spend our days telling you about. Then we wake up, throw back a couple Advil and an EmergenC and do it all over again.

But we keep at it because you trust us to be your eyes and ears in the Boise arts scene. And though you'll find full coverage of the week's A&E events at, we decided it was high time we brought that coverage low tech. This week we're proud to welcome a new A&E column, Week in Review, where you can find all the dirt we kicked up at local arts and music happenings over the past week.

On Jan. 3, former A&E Editor and current freelancer Amy Atkins swung by Cirque du Soleil's larger-than-life Michael Jackson: The Immortal world tour at Taco Bell arena. Dazzled by acrobats in glittering bodysuits and a full-sized replica of the gates to Jackson's Neverland Ranch, Atkins hummed along to classics like "Wanna Be Startin' Something."

Though the production squeezed in a few overly saccharine moments--like when a performer dressed as Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles skittered around the stage on all fours--Atkins said it was nonetheless a thrilling evening.

While BW's Fiction 101 Reading on First Thursday, Jan. 5, was sadly lacking in acrobats in cheesy chimp suits, it did offer plenty of thrills. Rediscovered Bookshop hosted the packed event, which featured this year's winning 101-word scribes.

Winner Sarah Masterson described her distrust of the ocean before recanting "Big," which snagged the top $500 prize. In a video interview with BW's Josh Gross, Masterson said, "I'm really hoping that I can put [the money] towards something in the arts, even if it allows me to survive, not work and write for a few months--or a week given how much I eat."

On January 6 at Neurolux, Mozam Beaks played its first official live show with cardboard-cut-out-loving loop master James Orr. Mozam Beaks' Christopher Smith and Trevor Kamplain tweaked knobs, pounded synths and bobbed their heads to an array of lengthy looping beats. The vibe was an unexpected mash-up of old school hip-hop and drugged-out chill wave. We're looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Moving from Mozam Beaks to broken puppies, on January 7, Black Hunger Gallery hosted a one-night-only exhibition of a broken Jeff Koons balloon sculpture.

The exhibit was humorously minimalist--a scratched puppy rested on a duct taped mirror plate under a plastic box with the words "Broken Puppy" strung up in gold lettering. But the real party was in the back studio space, where Black Hunger artists circled the room chatting about overpriced art and offering shots of Patron and truffled mac and cheese bites. All in all, pretty fancy for a quiet night in the North End.

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