The WORD Reading Series 

Thursday, Jan. 16

Human beings are moved by stories. We read them, we watch them, we listen to them and we create them. Stories come in the form of film, poetry, fiction and more, and many writers aspire to great heights, even if they do so in secret. Case in point: Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from NBC's The Office had a script titled Threat Level Midnight hidden away in his desk for years before it saw the light of day. Perhaps you have a short story hidden in your desk drawer, or maybe a chapbook full of poetry in your closet. Either way, The WORD reading series at The Cabin will show you that you don't have to write behind closed doors. Writers Kerri Webster, Danny Stewart and Heidi Kraay will be on hand to read selections from their body of work. Webster and Stewart are poets, while Kraay specializes in playwriting. All work as teaching-writers for area schools and share their love of literature with Boise students. Wear your most sophisticated ensemble and bring a pen and pad of paper in case inspiration strikes. The event is free and open to the public.

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