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Since it's the end of the year, most publications are busy compiling their best-of lists as space fillers so they can all go on break instead of keeping their ears to the ground to report new news. But rather than half-ass it like that, Boise Weekly is offering up a few items of note that slid in just at the end of the year.

Things like a CD listening party for local band Like a Rocket. Said rocketeers held a soiree at Pengilly's on Dec. 18, previewing tracks from the new album. Look for it at The Record Exchange and all other Rocket-y performances.

Also in album release news, local one-man-band/dreamboat James Orr has set the release date for his new album. It will be released Saturday, Feb. 11, at a special performance at the super-swanky Stueckle Sky Center on the Boise State campus. Every $15 ticket purchased for that performance will come with a copy of the album. As always with Mr. Orr's performances, the attire is semi-formal. So you should probably, you know, wear pants.

Mozam Beaks is a local band doing things a little differently. Boise got its first taste of the new project from former ATTN frontman Trevor Kamplain on the C.O.T. Mixtape, a local music compilation released last summer. That was followed by the group's debut album, Creme de la Kremlin, an expansive electronic exploration of textures available as a free download from Barn Owl Records.

But now, months later, Mozam Beaks will finally make its live debut, opening for Finn Riggins and In the Shadow of the Mountain at Neurolux on Friday, Dec. 30. If there's a better way to pre-game New Year's Eve, we don't know about it.

Speaking of Finn Riggins, the Boise band has released two new tracks: "Parkour" and "Benchwarmers." The first is part of a comp for label Tender Loving Empire, and the second was a special collaboration with animation artist Jason Sievers for the Trey McIntyre Project's 10+1. Both tracks have a heavier electronic bent than some of Finn Riggins' previous work. "Parkour" can be heard at

And finally, there has been no progress in the now cold-case mystery of who put the bomp in the bomp-she-bomp-she-bomp. Officials are hoping for a lead soon. Tips can be sent to the Institute for Filling Space at the End of a Music Column so Reporters Can get the Hell Out of the Office for Holiday Break. OK, we padded it a bit at the end there, but hot cocoa and pie are a-calling. Pleasant rocking, Boise. We'll see you next year.

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