Third Man Charged for Raiding BLM Toybox 

Have you ever looked at your hobbit-hole of a garage and thought, "You know, this place would be a lot more livable with a couple of four wheelers over there next to the paint cans--and maybe an AR-15 assault rifle to blow the crap out of said paint cans. And a set of night-vision goggles, some riot gear, a fancy digitial camera and some binoculars to make a really scary movie about the murder of the paint cans"? Of course you have. But you're good boys and girls, and that's why you didn't act on it--unless your name is James Larsen, Joseph Griffiths or Christopher Ellison.

Ellison, 23, of Fairfield, was charged with a count of burglary and a count of grand theft for his role in a burglary at the Bureau of Land Management office in Twin Falls. Griffiths and Larsen, both 22, had already been charged for their roles in the crime (BW, True Crime, "Men Nabbed for Stealing Government Arsenal," May 10). Police say Larsen, 22, was the major instigator of the crime, and as such, he faces an additional count of burglary.

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