This Just In: You Don't Like Us 

A new survey, released on May 16 by the University of Connecticut Department of Public Policy, found a wide-and we mean wide-opinion gap on many media issues between journalists and the general public. Sorry, guys.

Just a few of the eye-openers: Six of 10 among you-yes, you-feel that we in the media show bias in the news, and a frightening 22 percent of you think the government should be allowed to censor us accordingly. More than 7 in 10 of us are confident that we in the media do a "good" or "excellent" job on accuracy, but only 4 in 10 of you agree. Additionally, 53 percent of you think that stories with unnamed sources should not be published at all, even though 59 percent of you support our right to keep sources confidential in the face of court pressure. Make up your mind!

Not that we're free of conflict-83 percent of us read blogs in our news gathering work, compared to only 10 percent of you, but 75 percent of us still claim that bloggers are not "real journalists" because they don't adhere to "commonly held ethical standards." Maybe it's no wonder that 61 percent of you use television as your primary news source, and only 20 percent read newspapers.

Politically, Democrats outnumbered Republicans in the media 3 to 1-although about half of us insist that we are "independent." Sixty-eight percent of us voted for Kerry, compared to 25 percent for Bush-then again, considering the growing number of adult-oriented publications and advertising, the latter statistic may have been skewed by journalists who weren't sure what manner of Bush they were voting for.

Finally, 61 percent of us say that the emergence of the Internet has made journalism better. A whopping 100 percent of BW staffers agree, and offer as evidence.

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