This Saturday's Climate Action Rally at the Idaho Statehouse Will Include a View From Above 

click to enlarge Crowds gathered for the 2015 Climate Action Rally at the Idaho Statehouse.

Sierra Club of Idaho

Crowds gathered for the 2015 Climate Action Rally at the Idaho Statehouse.

While organizers of the upcoming Idaho Climate Action Rally say their core message is down to earth, this year they're also looking to the sky—literally. 

“What is going to be special about this year's rally is something called an 'aerial art formation,'” said Casey Mattoon, conservation coordinator for the Idaho Sierra Club. “It's part of a national tour, which includes aerial photographer John Quigley." 

Attendees of the Saturday, Oct. 1 event will be invited to sprawl out on the lawn of Capitol Park—across the street from the Idaho Statehouse—using their bodies to form the image of the sun and spelling out “100%” at its center. Quigley, whose aerial art installations have been captured around the world, will direct the formation and photography.

Boise’s aerial image is expected to mirror similar formations designed by Quigley in cities across the nation, including Aspen, Colo.; Cleveland, Ohio; and St. Petersburg, Fla., all representing a commitment to 100 percent clean energy in the next 20 years.
click to enlarge 2015 Climate Action Rally at the Idaho Statehouse. - SIERRA CLUB OF IDAHO
  • Sierra Club of Idaho
  • 2015 Climate Action Rally at the Idaho Statehouse.

“To outsiders looking in, they'll see a rally with several hundred people at the Statehouse, urging climate action in Idaho,” said Mattoon. From above, however, the gathering will be a form of activist art.

“We want to hold our local leaders accountable for pushing climate action in our communities and in our state,” Mattoon said.

The Sierra Club reminds citizens that there has been a national upturn in the consumer marketplace for solar and wind energy-saving technology, as well as energy storage products. More important, they say efforts in the Treasure and Wood River valleys have recently focused on solar energy campaigns.

Idaho's first official Climate Action Rally in 2015 attracted 300 citizens participating in a march around the Statehouse, chanting, “No more coal, no more oil, keep your carbon in the soil!”

This year's event will include indie folk singer Lisa Luna along with speakers from Idaho faith communities, educators and House members of the Idaho Legislature. The rally kicks off at 11 a.m. 
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