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Thomas Paul basks in the glow of his new album, Goodbye, Waterloo.

Laurie Pearlman

Thomas Paul basks in the glow of his new album, Goodbye, Waterloo.

With the advent of software like Garage Band, producing a CD is now fairly easy. To reiterate, producing a CD is easy. Producing a good CD still takes money, help from your friends and a mountain of hard work.

For the last couple of years, local musician Thomas Paul has learned a little something about hard work: Even working on something you love can take everything out of you. But if you're lucky, you come out on the other side with a result you can proudly stand behind.

During the month of January, when Paul celebrates his new release, Goodbye, Waterloo--with no fewer than 10 parties--he will have an album that he not only can support, but that might just support him. It highlights both his multi-instrumental talents as well as his impressive vocal range and the music that influences him.

When Paul performs around town--which he does at least once a week--he usually has only his voice and his guitar as instruments. When we spoke to him last year about the release of his debut album, House on Fire, Paul predicted his next CD would be more stripped down.

"It will be me with a guitar and just a couple of guest musicians," he said.

As it turns out, Paul was wrong. His new album pulses with organ, vibraphone, cello, electric piano, trumpet, upright bass, flute and a host of other instruments. He has moved in the opposite direction of his solo performing and added a variety of sounds and textures--and his spot-on falsetto--to give Waterloo a heavily layered sound that differs from one song to the next.

Paul summed up the hard work in a Facebook post: "What I would really like to do is be able to run down a deer or gazelle-type animal on the fly and sort of tackle it and provide for my family or clan of friends in that manner. Until then, putting out the new album and touring will have to do."

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