Time Lines and Hidden Beans 

Dave Thomas at the Linen Building and Three Kings Day at the Basque Market

A show featuring vibrant mixed media on canvas from Dave Thomas opens at the Linen Building this First Thursday.

Dave Thomas

A show featuring vibrant mixed media on canvas from Dave Thomas opens at the Linen Building this First Thursday.

If you believe all that Mayan calendar 2012 hoopla, time is running out. So what better way to celebrate the end of times than by taking a gander at Time Line Paintings, Dave Thomas' aptly titled new series at the Linen Building.

Thomas' four large mixed-media canvases dive deep into the colorful realm of abstract expressionism, utilizing a variety of textures and geometric shapes. According to his press release, Thomas strives to keep his art in the moment.

"If I didn't make this particular painting today, then it would never be made--my time I'm on the planet will end, but time itself will continue," he said.

Before your time on this planet ends, head over to the Linen Building at 1402 W. Grove St., on First Thursday, Jan. 5, from 5-9 p.m. for the opening reception of Time Line Paintings (with a full bar available). The exhibit will run through Monday, Feb. 20.

Even if you don't believe in 2012 apocalypse, it's hard to ignore the destruction and trauma caused by war. Especially when those affected are young children.

After Operation Cast Lead, Israel's 23-day bombardment of the Gaza Strip in late 2008 and early 2009, children living in the area began to document their horrific war-time experiences via art. The drawings were completed by kids ages 7 to 14, and some of them were even scribbled on the back of used paper by candlelight.

Some of these moving pieces have now been compiled into a traveling art exhibit called A Child's View From Gaza. The show will have an opening reception on First Thursday Tuesday, Jan. 10 at Dawson Taylor's Coffee Roasters, 219 N. Eighth St., from 7-9 p.m. with free Palestinian food. The event is sponsored by Voices for Palestine and will remain on display through the month of January.

But fret not, Christians, this First Thursday has a little something for you, as well. Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany, is the Jan. 6 celebration of the manifestation of Christ to the world. The Basque Market will be serving the traditional Three Kings Day cake, Roscon de Reyes, during First Thursday. According to The Basque Market, whoever finds the single bean hidden in the cake will have good luck throughout the year, starting with a free T-shirt and lunch.

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