Top 10 Reasons the Homeless Pity You 

10. Because you're less likely to smile at a homeless person than a co-worker.

9. Most of you think in absolutes: "All homeless are bums," while the homeless know some of you think, "There, but for the grace of God, go I."

8. You will tithe at church and moments later deny a cold, homeless person one dollar for coffee so they can get inside somewhere... out of the cold.

7. You communicate through cowardly eye contact what you don't have the courage to say to a homeless person.

6. You know a homeless person is a bum without asking. How did you become so omnipotent and all-knowing?

5. As happened to a homeless man: If you own a business you will have a homeless person arrested for asking if they can clean toilets or wash windows--any work for two dollars--instead of begging for quarters on the sidewalk.

4. Some of you believe your newer-model car makes you worth more as a human being than the owner of a '65 Rambler... and certainly worth more than a homeless bum with no car.

3. "Love thy neighbor as yourself." Since the homeless are always on the move, aren't they everyone's neighbor? So shouldn't you love them as you love yourself?

2. Pets on Parade-type shows allow people to see which dogs they might want to give a home to. Where is such a public-service show for human strays wandering in the cold? Is it that in our society, dogs deserve shelter and concern more than the human homeless?

1. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. Would you ever offer to wash a homeless person's clothes?

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