Totems of Tomas: Local Artist 'Grew Up' with Modern Art 

Boise Weekly ex-pat Tomas Montano reflects on his experience as a Modern Art exhibitor

For his room at the upcoming and final Modern Art event, Boise Weekly ex-pat Tomas Montano reflected on his experience as a Modern Art exhibitor.

"For me ... Modern Art [has] allowed me the ability to combine my four loves: poetry, visual art, music and film. In a way, I've sort of grown up—as an artist, anyhow—with Modern Art," Montano said.

Always one to use unconventional materials or methods, Montano took photos of paintings he made over the past 10 years and digitally deconstructed and reconstructed the works into bold new pieces, printed on a laser-cut wood paper substrate. His exhibit, iTotem, is comprised of 44 works, one for each year of his life, all imbued with both his past and his present. For Modern Art, 11 of the new works will be framed and accompanied by an explanation. Like life's moments, his images are fleeting and, for all 44 of Montano's works, what is on display is the only print—he will delete the digital files.

Montano said Modern Art has been instrumental in helping him forward his artistic growth, leading to his work being chosen for the Modern Art "Infinite Scroll," which will hang outside for a year; an upcoming show at Gallery 518 and, although not for the first time, a cover of BW.

"Although I lament the passage of an artistic era in Boise's counter culture, I celebrate and honor these past nine years and must simply and logically conclude that all good things must come to an end—and so it goes—on to the next thing; the next creative movement of like-minded art-heads in this, our beautiful City of Trees."

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