Towering Issues 

Also in the file of continuing drama: The fight continues over a proposed cell tower on Broadway Avenue in Boise (BW, News, “Towering Hazard,” April 23, 2008).

The issue stems from a proposal by Clearwire to erect two antennas on top of existing buildings­—much to the displeasure of neighbors in the area who worry about the health risks posed by the towers.

Neighbors thought they had secured a victory after Tates Rents said it would not allow Clearwire to place the proposed antenna on top of its building. But that win was short-lived. The City of Boise Planning Commission recently denied an appeal to reconsider its approval of the towers.

According to Barbara Robinson, who is leading the effort against the antennas, the commission stated there wasn’t enough new information to warrant them taking another look at the issue.

In the meantime, Clearwire has adjusted the proposal and now plans to place the antenna on an existing pole, making Tates’ denial a moot point.

The neighbors aren’t giving up though. They’re taking their case to the Boise City Council on July 15.

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