Traci's Best Salsa 

Salsa is such a common, versatile foodstuff, the number of options available can be mind numbing. While trying out a new brand or style of salsa isn't usually costly, it can be disappointing. "Mild" can mean "bland," while "hot" can be code for "tasteless but every bite contains the heat of 1,000 peppers grown deep in the belly of a volcano." (Million dollar idea: taste-testing sections in supermarkets. You take what you want to try to a counter and a store employee opens the packaging so you can see/smell/taste the product.)

Then there are those salsas so mouth-wateringly delicious, it's like being rewarded for trying all those uninspired versions. Locally made Traci's Best Salsa is definitely inspired and is an absolute win. Founder/owner Traci Brock combines locally grown ingredients in such a way that the tomatoes, garlic, onion, jalapeno, cilantro and citrus juices complement one another with no one item overpowering the rest. Traci's Best is only available in medium and hot, but even the most heat-averse of us here at Boise Weekly loved the bright, fresh taste of the not-too-spicy medium and even liked the hot.

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