Trainwreck: Boys Night Out 

As a band that has a song called "I Got Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People's Business" on their last album, I will admit I had expectations. However, I discovered that Boys Night Out writes interesting lyrics but the music is overproduced with a Backstreet Boys meets generic "screamo" sound. Their latest fare, Trainwreck, is aptly named. It is a concept album that tells the story of a man who murders his wife and the aftermath. The songs tell the tale using single word titles such as "Sentencing," "Purging" and "Disintegrating." Sounds edgy, right? Wrong. The lyrics are filled with blood, death and lunacy yet they seem empty against the pop music backdrop that BNO embraces. The upbeat tempo does not fit the tone of the macabre story being told. In "Dreaming," lead singer Connor Lovat-Fraser laments, "I see her hair spread across the floor and tangled in the telephone cord." However, because of the absurd pop tempo, unless you are really listening to the lyrics, he may as well be whining about a long lost prom date. It just doesn't work. The album is not a complete loss. There are sounds and elements that could have been expanded upon to give this album a grittier appeal. For example, "Purging" has great guttural screams that try to lend street cred to a song about a man wanting to kill himself, which alone had me forgiving the undeniable over-production of the song. "Composing" opens with a thoughtfully melodic sound that is reminiscent of Pink Floyd. Unfortunately, the music turns far too spirited and distracts from the somber message. "Dying" is the only song that works by matching the tone of the story, ending as the entire album began, with eerie spoken words describing death scenes. Ultimately, Trainwreck is average pop-punk that should have been better.

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