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Those who don't spend every weekend in the local clubs, but were drawn to Treefort by the names with top billing, should know that Boise boasts a lot of lesser-known bands that shouldn't be missed. Here are a few of Boise Weekly's favorites appearing at Treefort this year.

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Lakefriend: Lakefriend calls itself a party-rock band. Thankfully, that definition has nothing to do with LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." Imagine the turbocharged dual lead style of Iron Maiden played by jangly indie-rock guitars instead of overdriven full-stack monsters. Thursday March 21, 7-7:40 p.m. Red Room, 1519 W. Main St.

Hollow-Wood: Acoustic folk music is often based on minimalism. But Boise's Hollow-Wood takes things in another direction. The indie folk band's material could get by just fine with frontman Adam Stip's soft croon and tender lyrics. But Hollow-Wood packs in percussion, choir-like harmonies and a high school's supply of team spirit until simple ballads become powerful, buoyant hymns. Thursday March 21, 8-8:40 p.m. Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St.

Hey V Kay: This band makes top-notch electro-pop with the dark synth tones and dance beats of The Knife beneath singer Karen Havey's husky blues croon. Friday, March 22, 8-8:40 p.m. The Crux, 1022 W. Main St.

Sneezzbole: There's no competition for Boise's weirdest act. Hands down, it's the Sneezz. Unless, that is, there is another socially awkward, shirtless fat man who alternates between Primus-style slap bass and throwing his instrument to the stage to writhe atop it like a beached whale--all while singing punk-y songs about working at Wal-Mart. Friday, March 22, 9-9:40 p.m. Red Room, 1519 W. Main St.

Red Hands Black Feet: Do you like epic instrumental post-rock? Eight-minute builds of atmosphere and melody as layered as a cinematic plot that crescendo into a firestorm of guitar wizardry? If you don't, give Red Hands Black Feet a shot and it might change your mind. Full disclosure: The band's drummer is currently interning at BW, but we were writing about its epicness long before she applied. Friday, March 22, 11-11:40 p.m. The Crux, 1022 W. Main St.

Sun Blood Stories: Imagine Bobbie Gentry's haunting vocals on the classic "Ode to Billie Joe," but with the instrumental guts of The Black Keys. Then dress the whole thing up in face-paint and add percussion so vicious that it's a rare tambourine that survives a whole gig. That's Sun Blood Stories. Saturday March 23, 1:15-2 p.m. Main Stage, 1201 W. Grove St.

Magic Sword:Magic Sword make electronic music so epic and fantastical that it is best described as the soundtrack for unicorn jousting. If you don't want to surf a rainbow wearing a loincloth by the end of Magic Sword's set, you're doing it wrong. Saturday, March 23, 11-11:50 p.m. China Blue Main Room, 100 S. Sixth St.

Grandma Kelsey: With a siren's voice and an intoxicating stage presence, folk singer Grandma Kelsey ranks alongside the foothills and geothermal power as one of Boise's greatest natural treasures. Treefort is the last chance to see her for a while, as she's hitting the dusty trail for an open-ended trip to see what's out there in the world. Sunday, March 24, 4-4:40 p.m. The Crux, 1022 W. Main St.

Customary:Boise's Customary has made a name for himself in the local hip-hop scene with catchy rhymes and well-made videos. For his performance at Treefort, he's adding something new: a live band. Sunday, March 24, 8-8:40 p.m. Neurolux, 111 11th St.

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