Trey McIntyre Project's 10+1 Turns It Up to 11 

Contemporary ballet + fine art + crafts = awesome

Stage your own rendition of "Oh, Inverted World" using Rachel Linquist's TMP finger puppets.

Rachel Linquist

Stage your own rendition of "Oh, Inverted World" using Rachel Linquist's TMP finger puppets.

Sure, we've all heard of those swanky cocktail parties where you pluck California rolls from a model's naked body. But have you ever felt the smug satisfaction of resting your sweat-beaded cocktail on a ballet dancer's delicate face?

If you've stopped into Red Feather Lounge recently, you might have. As a part of Trey McIntyre Project's 10+1 series, Red Feather has been releasing custom cocktails and coasters inspired by each of TMP's 10 dancers and one super-sized artistic director. The Yarinet Restropo, for example, featured blackberry-infused vodka, carrot cordial, lemon juice and peach bitters with a scantily clad coaster image designed by Conrad Garner. The Jason Hartley cocktail--bourbon, lemon, simple syrup and Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale--came with a mustachioed coaster image designed by Meshel Miller.

If you missed sampling any of these libations, you can purchase a complete set of the drinks and coasters at TMP's third annual 10+1 celebration on Friday, Dec. 9, from 5-9 p.m. Like last year, TMP headquarters will be partitioned into two distinct spaces for the event--the ballet studio will transform into a fine-art gallery and the office area will become a crafty marketplace. You can feast your eyes on work from 36 artists and crafters who have all interpreted the contemporary ballet company's dancers in a variety of creative ways. You can take a gander at Julia Green's Shins-inspired paintings, Rachel Linquist's finger puppets, and former BW A&E Editor Amy Atkins' industrial jewelry. The fine art exhibit will remain up for viewing Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. through Tuesday, Dec. 20.

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