Tribune: Washington Rep. Warns of 'People With High-Powered Rifles' Above Snake River Dams 

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  • Washington State Legislature
  • Rep. Mary Dye (R-Pomeroy)

A Republican state legislator from the eastern Washington community of Pomeroy has backpedaled remarks she made Sept. 3 warning of snipers near Pacific Northwest dams.

The Lewiston Tribune's Bill Spence reports Washington Rep. Mary Dye stood before a Pomeroy town hall meeting on Saturday and said she had heard reports of "people with high-powered rifles sitting on hillsides above Snake River dams, looking down at unarmed guards."

"I'm asking you to review the rules of engagement," said Dye, adding that the Islamic Center in nearby Pullman, Wash. was "one of the most dangerous mosques in America."

A short time later, Spence reported Dye dialed back some of her comments, saying, "I don't know the nature of the people on the hill. They could have been hunters. I don't want to imply that anyone associated with the mosque has threatened the dams, ever."

Local law enforcement officials were quick to point out they had received no complaints or ever had any issues with the mosque.

"There's been nothing but compliance and cooperation," Pullman Police Sergeant Dan Hargraves told the Tribune.
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