Turn Off the Lights in Your House with a BANG! 

Quirky Lamp Utilizes a Gun-Shaped Remote.

Use your gun-slinging skills to turn out the light.

Bitplay Inc.

Use your gun-slinging skills to turn out the light.

In old Westerns, marksmen would show their superior gun-slinging skills by drawing a pistol from their dusty holsters and shooting out the flame on a saloon candle. Now, the pasty generation reared on Clue, The Clapper and Duck Hunt can try their delicate hands at a similar trick.

Created by Taiwan-based company Bitplay, the BANG! Lamp is controlled by a gun-shaped remote. Just point the gun at the sleek white lamp, pull the trigger and the light will turn off as the lampshade tilts off kilter. To turn the lights back on, fire the gun again and the lamp will morph back into its original, lamply shape.

The BANG! lamp debuted at the New York International Gift Fair. According to the Apartment Therapy blog, the lamp's design "was born out of a laziness to get out of bed in the winter to turn out the light."

In the hipster murder-mystery promo video for the lamp, quirkily dressed characters stop-motion emerge from armoires and slide out from under tables to shoot the light on and off.

Though the BANG! Lamp is currently only available in Asia, Bitplay is looking for a distributor in the United States.

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