Turnabout Is Fair Play 

Boise Police cracked down on brat kids for being brat kids last week. Then they delivered a double smackdown on the people who aren't careful enough around those brat kids.

Smack The First took place on the weekend of September 20, when a team of patrol officers, neighborhood contact officers and juvenile detectives swept the thriving convenience store and parking lot scene looking for curfew scofflaws. They found 25, cited them and released them into their respective parents' custody.

"We focused on those kids just hanging out or cars full of kids cruising around neighborhoods," said Officer Ryan Buzzini. "I would definitely call it a success in the message we sent."

A week later, the children had their chance to point and laugh when officers pulled over 66 motorists for speeding in a Broadway school zone in a single day.

"We had concerns from citizens in that area that some motorists were not paying attention to the flashing yellow lights," said Officer Jermaine Galloway, who organized the five-officer patrol dishing out the $141.50 tickets. "Kids are kids, and they're thinking about other things. That's why it's the responsibility of the adults, the motorist, to look out for them."

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