Turntable Rider 

Show off your DJ and BMX skills simultaneously with this nifty device

Curmudgeonly live music fans often reject DJs because of their lackluster performances. What's the big move? Setting the needle down on the record? Scratching it once or twice with elbows instead of fingers? Get back to us when you're busting knee slides and windmill power chords like Pete Townshend or playing a drum set mounted inside the skull of a giant robot as it ravages Tokyo like Tommy Lee is probably doing in his free time this week.

Well, those curmudgeons can stop complaining because a new DJ tool from Japanese manufacturer Cogoo can only be played if one performs—on a bike.

Turntable Rider is comprised of a series of sensors that read the movements made on a BMX bike and translates them into DJ sounds, meaning the sweeter your moves, the sweeter your tunes.

Wheels, brakes, handlebars—the entire bike becomes an instrument. Even the angles it takes in the air over jumps affect the sounds.

A product demo video on YouTube shows Japanese stunt riders using Turntable Rider on ramps and dropping four on the floor with old-school groundbound BMX freestyle.

Not since the Captain met Tennille has style been better merged with sweet, sweet music, or has listening to it come with the risk of serious brain injury.

Who says music isn't dangerous anymore?

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