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Boise gets ready for bike season

click to enlarge Lost Acres Motorcycle Park will hold its season opener this month.

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Lost Acres Motorcycle Park will hold its season opener this month.

For a lot of Boiseans, garages are for storing rec gear that's often divided between winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing, and summer pastimes like kayaking, hiking, fishing and cycling. As the outdoor-inclined start tuning up mountain bikes, roadies and cruisers for the warm months ahead, here are a few bike-related events to keep in mind:

Wednesday, April 4: Military Reserve Bike Skills Park Open House

The Military Reserve in North Boise is about to undergo a major renovation, and the public is invited to check out an open house for a planned bike skills park this week.

The design and construction of the park will be paid for by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation, and its 6- to 7-acre expanse will include features like tracks and rollers. Several mock-ups of possible designs, inspired by similar parks around the country and conversations with stakeholders like the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association and the Boise Bicycle Project, will be unveiled at the open house.

Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway said having a bike skills park in an urban setting will be "really unique," but the arrangement between the city and the Albertson Family Foundation will be the same as when the two partnered to revamp Rhodes Skate Park.

"We literally took the agreement for the skate park and turned it into a bike skills park," he said.

The bike park will, however, displace several features of the Military Reserve, including the existing off-leash dog park. A replacement park will be built in the flood basin adjacent to the bike skills park, and Boise City Council has already allocated $250,000 for the project. Holloway said it will be completed before the skills park and be the largest dog park of its kind in Boise.

"We have some off-leash areas, but the only real dog park we have is at Morris Hill, and that's less than an acre in size. This will be four times that size," he said.

The archery range will also be relocated, and Parks and Rec is committed to finding space for a new one, possibly elsewhere in the Military Reserve.

At the upcoming open house, city planners will show off preliminary designs for the park and solicit public feedback.

5:30-7:30 p.m., FREE. Dick Eardley Senior Center, 690 Robbins Road, Boise,

Wednesday, April 11: Ada County Commissioners E-bike Public Hearing

Ada County Commissioners are set to consider a proposed ordinance that will affect local e-bike users next week. The ordinance would allow e-bikes with top speeds below 20 miles per hour access to Ada County-owned sections of the Greenbelt, and restrict them from Ada County-owned trails in the Foothills and private property.

The city of Boise adopted similar rules in December 2017 that regulate e-bikes with top speeds at or below 20 miles per hour on city streets, bike lanes and the Greenbelt. No e-bikes are allowed on sidewalks or in crosswalks. Some trails in the Foothills are available to e-bike riders who have obtained permission from Parks and Rec.

Local retailers of e-bikes, however, were skeptical of the 2017 city plan at the time: Michael Miller of Boise Electric Bikes said pedal-assist technology will soon be so portable that e-bikes will be indistinguishable from rides powered by pedals alone, and such bikes are becoming more popular by the day.

"They're not going away," he said.

Regardless, whether they will be restricted is up to the ACC to decide.

6 p.m. FREE. Public Hearing Room, Ada County Courthouse, 200 W. Front St., Boise,

Saturday, April 28: Lost Acres Motorcycle Park Season Opener

For local bike buffs, the Lost Acres Motorcycle Park is nothing new. For the last 30 years, the dirt track cutting through the middle of a field on Can Ada Road near Melba has been one of the best motorcycle and quad spots in Canyon County. Three years ago, local pro riders discovered it and, impressed by its conditions, inspired the owners to obtain a conditional use permit from the county to turn it from a backyard amateur course into a professional one.

The inaugural LAMP event, the 2018 Lost Acres Season Opener, is slated for Saturday, April 28, and will be the first of 10 paid public events between April and October. It will include a tourist trophy event in the morning and early afternoon, and a short track event later that evening.

Lost Acres features two dirt tracks—a .4-mile tourist trophy course and a .2-mile racing oval for motorcycles and quads—that have turns in both directions, elevation changes and a jump. Racers can achieve speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on the straightaway, making it prime turf for competition and a quality spectator experience for hardcore fans and first-timers alike.

The event is open to the public, and those looking to show off their skills by participating in a race can register by email at or roll in early the day of the event to sign up.

9:30 a.m. signup, 11 a.m. practice. $10 gate fee, $25 entry fee for amateurs, $40 entry fee for pros. Lost Acres Motorcycle Park, 10750 S. Can Ada Road, Melba, 208-866-7213,

Correction: A previous version of this article referred to a "time trial" event at Lost Acres Motorcycle Park. In fact, there is a tourist trophy, or TT, event.
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