U of I Talk in Boise Uncovers Food Marketing Tactics 

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In the grocery store, lettuce glistens on the shelves, apples perch in their bins and bananas sit ready for customers. “Farm fresh” signs hang over the products. That strikes Ariel Agenbroad, horticulturist for University of Idaho Extension, as odd: “Bananas aren’t grown in Idaho.”

“This is what Albertsons and Whole Foods and even Tyson Chicken are doing to entice their customers. So here’s how you can use that information to tell your story and to really cater to the way that people are eating right now,” Agenbroad said.

Agenbroad will give more examples of food marketing strategies at her talk, “How Smart Marketers Influence the Way We Eat,” on Thursday, June 6, at 5:30 p.m. at Amsterdam Lounge.

She usually speaks to small farmers or people involved with food production, but for her talk, part of the Vandal Voices series, she will focus on how marketers influence customers.
Food, food production and marketing have long been important to Agenbroad, and she has studied small-scale vegetable production and how those vegetables are sold. She said the event will empower people to make smarter food-buying choices by discussing their food habits and what Agenbroad considers “eye-opening” trends.

“I hope it’ll (the event) help people to be a little bit smarter consumers and not be as influenced by marketing, and to realize, when that marketing is really going after their values,” Agenbroad said. “And they realize they don’t have to be influenced by their manipulation.”

The event is free to attend and RSVPs are encouraged. It is for people 21 and over.


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