uNu Superpak 

You'd be powerless without it

According to Psychology Today, upwards of 40 percent of tech users suffer from nomophobia, or fear of being without a smartphone. The effects are described as anxiety, nausea and accelerated heart rate—and can be as severe as chest pain and the onset of panic attacks.

Losing battery power can be as bad as losing your smartphone, but you can avoid nomophobic symptoms if you plan ahead and invest in some energy insurance.

With an editor rating of "excellent" from PC Mag, the uNu Superpak, a portable battery charger, may well be sanity saver and, right now, an excellent gift for your favorite college co-ed: Though listed at $99.99, the Apple-certified, Android-compatible uNu Superpak is on sale for $32.99 at Amazon.com.

According to PC Mag, the unit is good for two to three smartphone charges before it needs to be plugged in (it supports speedy charging for the battery itself) and with two USB ports, it can also charge your tablet. The Superpak comes with a two-in-one lightning cable 8-pin and MicroUSB cable, so it works with iPhone 4-6, Samsung Galaxy S6-S5 and Notes 3-5, and other Android phones.

Measuring 3.6 by 3.1 by 0.8 inches and weighing in at 8.96 ounces, it's a lightweight, easily carried power plant that will put your mind at ease.

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