Update: Cascade Mayor Resigns In Wake of Racial, Sexual Slur Accusations 

"I apologize to anyone whom I may have insulted. The town has long been divided over my leadership."

UPDATE: Feb. 18, 2013 6 p.m.

In the wake of accusations of being vulgar in what some citizens called sexual and racial slurs, Cascade Mayor Dick Carter has resigned from office, conceding that his "town has long been divided" over his leadership.

The McCall Star-News first broke the story about the Cascade City Council's Feb. 11 vote of "no confidence" in Carter after examining 11 letters from citizens, including one woman who said she felt "verbally raped" by Carter's words.

In a letter addressed to "the Citizens of Cascade," Carter announced his resignation, after "much discussion with family members and friends." Carter said his resignation would become effective Friday, Feb. 22, at 5 p.m.

Carter said he was hurt to see his Valley County community "so divided over the issues which have recently come to light."

"I never intended to hurt or harass anyone with words or actions," wrote Carter. "I apologize to anyone whom I may have insulted. The town has long been divided over my leadership and I truly hope Cascade re-emerges from this as a stronger and more cohesive community."

Carter also wrote that he thought "it is in everyone's best interests for me to resign from the Board of Director position I currently hold with the Friends of Kelly's Whitewater Park."

ORIGINAL STORY: Feb. 15, 2013 9:30 a.m.


Citing what they say are vulgar sexual and racial statements made in public, some citizens of the Valley County city of Cascade are calling for their mayor, Dick Carter, to resign. After the Cascade City Council examined 11 letters from citizens, in addition to a new petition to recall Carter, the council passed a "vote of no confidence" in Carter during their Feb. 11 session.

This morning's McCall Star-News reports that the letters, which were read at the council meeting, detailed an incident in which two women said they felt "verbally raped" by sexual comments, another incident in which a citizen said Carter made a racial slur about President Barack Obama, and still another incident in which a council member said Carter regularly made religious slurs.

Carter denied making any of the statements but said he would review the letters, according to the Star-News.

Carter, who was elected in 2007, faced an unsuccessful recall effort in 2009. He has since been re-elected to office in 2011.

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