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Perhaps the most beloved cup in the so-called "third wave" of American coffee is the pour over: the drink that results after a slow process of straining hot water through a funnel of coffee grounds, which drips the caffeinated brew into the cup below. The downside of pour overs is that they take some time, and use a piece of paraphernalia (the funnel-shaped "coffee dripper") that most people don't keep at home.

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But coffee enthusiasts in Boise can take a breath of relief on that score thanks to Urban Fox Coffee & Boba, which offers what it calls coffee pouches: on-the-go pour over pods with paper legs that attach to the rim of a coffee cup, hoisting the sachet of grounds aloft in imitation of a funnel. Simply heat up a cup of water, drizzle it into the top of the pouch, and watch your glorious brew emerge below. The pouches cost just $2 each, come in five different roasts (Sumatra dark roast, Yirgacheffe light roast, Guatemalan medium roast, Colombian medium roast and dark European dark blend—a grind so rich it needs the word dark in its name twice) sourced from Boise-based Caffeina Roasting Company, and are small enough to slip into a pants pocket. Pick some up and stash them in your bag so you'll never be caught in a pinch without your high-quality joe.
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