Veteran Mounting Legal Challenge to Idaho's No-Bait Hunting Rule 

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A Coast Guard veteran, who says he was disabled due to exposure to Agent Orange, has told the media he doesn't have long to live and that's why he baited deer while hunting in the woods of northern Idaho.

Baiting deer for sporting reasons is illegal in the Gem State. But 74-year-old James Brummett of Tacoma, Wash. (where baiting is legal), insists that Idaho laws should make an exception for veterans. That's why he wants a jury trial, rather than paying a $250 fine.

KREM-TV reports that prosecutors offered Brummett the fine, but instead he pleaded not guilty in a northern Idaho courtroom and is prepared to take his case as far up the legal ladder as possible.

"I'm just a veteran sitting in my (hunting) blind not bothering anybody, Brummett told KREM-TV. "And there's no reason you couldn't use bait in that area because there's so many whitetails."

Idaho Fish and Game officials disagree and say there's no exception to the rule.

"I'm going to fight it," said Brummett. "Go to jail, whatever. But I'm not going to pay no fine."

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