Vicki Barbolak 

The Egyptian Theatre, Thursday, June 6

She has courted the favors of the shoe-licker of Ybor, Florida; been married enough times to spell out passive-aggressive notes to her current beau with monogrammed wedding-gift hand towels; and traced her body with her hands to get out of speeding tickets. She is Vicki Barbolak, one of the stand-up comic children of The Comedy Store-Founder Mitzi Shore and an America's Got Talent top-10 finalist. Nowadays, everyone has a side-gig; hers is a mobile wedding van with a half-hour honeymoon suite she built into the back. Like a brunette Wife of Bath, she'll make a pilgrimage to Boise on Thursday, June 6, for a stop at The Egyptian Theatre for her Trailer Nasty tour. Get hitched. Note: This event is sponsored by Boise Weekly.


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