Video: Dan Popkey, Former 'Idaho Statesman' Reporter and Current Labrador Press Secretary, Raps 

Early in the morning on July 1, a video of Dan Popkey, the current press secretary for U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador and former Idaho Statesman reporter, went up on social media. In the video, Popkey reveals a hitherto hidden passion: rap.

“I’m a map god/ don’t need a lap dog,” is just one of many non sequiturs Popkey spits in the video, titled "Polypro Due."

The video appears to have been filmed in Italy, and his rhymes seem to support the idea he is a tourist: At one point, he raps that he likes “a fresh cannoli with a ricotta.”

The title of the song refers to PolyPro, a durable material used for base layer garments commonly worn by tourists. In the rap, Popkey sings his praises of the material and stresses its advantages over cotton clothing.

“I’m rockin’ PolyPro/ I’m rockin’ PolyPro./ I don’t do cotton/ so I don’t get soggy, bro," he says.

The video, produced with the help of Popkey’s two children, might seem out of character for a man with such a political presence in the state of Idaho. However, this could be the first of many father-son musical collaborations to come from the Popkey family. Popkey’s son Nick, a student at Pitzer College (Claremont, Calif.), has recently become involved in the rap scene, performing in the SoCal-based hip-hop duo, Frak.

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