Video: Is Starbucks Shorting Its Lattes? 

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When a company grows to the size of Starbucks, it is regularly tangled in legal actions, but the latest lawsuit to hit the coffee giant has more than a few people buzzing with the question, "Does Starbucks under-serve?"

The class action lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court of northern California by residents of San Francisco and Carlsbad, Calif., alleges Starbucks falsely advertises the volume of its drinks because they're often 25 percent under-filled. More important, the suit alleges company policy orders baristas to intentionally leave one-quarter of an inch between the foam's surface and the lip of the cup.

Starbucks issued a response, stating, "We fully believe [the suit] to be without merit."

This morning's edition of NBC's Today Show put Starbucks to the test, buying six 16-ounce "grande" latte's from six different Starbucks locations. Four of the six missed the 16-ounce mark.

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