Video: Llama on the Loose Tramples Florida Police, Gets Tased 

Police used a taser to subdue the rogue llama after he busted out of his fenced in yard.

A llama with a lust for freedom led Florida police on a wild chase on Sunday morning after busting out of his penned-in yard.

"Scooter," a 6-foot-tall llama, escaped from his home sometime on Friday night and his owner searched for him until the early hours on Saturday.

"Scooter was running in the middle of the road, so he was going to cause an accident eventually," Leon County Lt. Tony Drzewiecki said.

Tallahassee police encountered the rogue llama Sunday morning but the four-legged fugitive didn't want to go quietly, even leaping over a 4-foot fence to avoid capture.

Police put a lasso around Scooter's neck and had to use a taser gun to subdue the 300-pound animal because, as the Associated Press reports, llamas don't respond to voice commands.

"I've been doing this 20 years and they said there is going to be a lot of excitement in this job, but no one ever told me I would get spit in the face by a llama and trampled by one," Drzewiecki told WCTV.

Scooter's owner, Jack Conrad, has three other llamas at his Florida home and will not be cited for Scooter's misadventures.

Conrad did, however, agree to beef up his fence.

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