Video: Tom Hanks Drops F-Bomb on Good Morning America 

Star of Cloud Atlas, Tom Hanks really gets into character for Good Morning America appearance

Tom Hanks has a new movie coming out next week called "Cloud Atlas."

It’s rated R for language, a point Hanks drove home when he dropped an F-bomb on "Good Morning America."

Hanks plays five characters in the science-fiction fantasy movie, each with a unique accent.

“Can you speak in that accent?” host Elizabeth Vargas asks Hanks after seeing a clip.

“Oh, that one? Mostly it’s swear words,” he replies.

“Well, if you say it with an accent like that they won’t know it’s a swear word,” Vargas said.

She was wrong, sort of.

Hanks starts into a line from the movie that ended with something about his “f---ing boots.”

Both he and the host immediately cover their mouths.

“We are so sorry, ‘Good Morning America,’” Vargas said, looking to Hanks with a somewhat hurt look in her eyes.

“I have never done that before,” he said. “I would apologize to the kids of America.”

He also says GMA will now be employing the seven-second delay.

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