Impatience and excessive bloodletting

My household—me, my fiancee and our four furry friends—simply cannot consume enough video vampirism. OK, mostly it's my fiancee leading the charge, but the pets and I are more than happy to ride shotgun.

Informed by multiple sources that we would enjoy the HBO series True Blood, we patiently waited multiple months for the show's first season to be released on DVD. I timed my Netflix returns perfectly and had discs one and two of the five-disc set to show up on the day of, and the day after their releases. Having already read two and a half of the books on which the series is based, the fiancee found waiting for the rest of the show unacceptable--we needed all discs that night. So we verified they had it in stock and jetted to Hastings to rent the entire season, diving into the show as soon as we got home.

Every made-for-HBO program I've ever seen has been well done, so my only question going in was, "How much am I going to like it?" Answer: Maybe not as much as you-know-who, but still quite a bit.

It's present day, and vampires are real. Having outed themselves, thriving numbers of once-human bloodsuckers face discrimination from the masses despite their obvious superiority in the food chain. Twenty-something-Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, X-Men), who has never actually met one before, quickly falls for a vampire who recently relocated to her small town. Sookie's life is further colored by her ability to hear others' thoughts, the exploits of her doting boss, her promiscuous-but-empty-headed brother and her best friend's complicated home life. And to top it off, a mysterious killer is offing the town's young women.

My fiancee's attraction to the books and show is not surprising. She's doesn't tell everyone, but she's a romance novel nut. And Sookie Stackhouse? She's 100 percent romance heroine—armed with headstrong tendencies and a sensitive heart.

My attraction to the show has nothing to do with the overabundance of sex. In fact, certain scenes test the patience of even this open-minded, red-blooded young fellow. No, the show taps into that part of me that watched Beverly Hills 90210 in my youth and Guiding Light one summer back in high school: I like drama and people behaving badly. And perhaps the fiancee's addiction has rubbed off on me—I like vampires.

It took us the better part of a week to get through all 12 of season one's episodes, but they were an accumulated half-day well spent. And they left us immediately wanting more. Luckily, season two started on Sunday, June 14.

My impatient other half talked me into foregoing the long wait for the current season to reach DVD and instead to subscribe to HBO so we can watch them in real time. Of course, our impatience is now going to cost us—our DirecTV bill has ballooned to nearly $100 a month. But it's cool—we're both pretty OK with bloodsuckers at this point.

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