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April Fool’s Day (1986)

When unknown-save Thomas F. Wilson who played Biff in Back to the Future—20-somethings journey to a remote island to spend the first weekend in April with their rich-but-eccentric college pal Muffy, it seems to be a retreat full of levity and pranks—until the hostess turns macabre overnight and her friends die off one-by-one.

The film’s Netflix synopsis (and, perhaps, its title?) may give away the “twist” ending, which comes equipped with a brief-but-bizarre prologue; but even if you know the “what,” you probably won’t guess the “why” because of its sheer ridiculousness.

In 1986, this was probably a decent horror movie, but now the scariest moments are in wondering what might jump out of Muffy’s childhood jack-in-the-box in an opening flashback scene and, yet, the movie is somehow still entertaining because with the fear factor removed, it’s just a bunch of overgrown kids acting like, well, April fools.

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