Predicting the future: FlashForward is TV's next Lost

When I learned that Lost--one of my all-time favorite TV shows--will end in 2010, I started looking for a replacement. Then ABC announced the second coming of Lost: an hour-long sci-fi/action show called FlashForward, which debuted in September. Despite having lambasted ABC earlier this year for bailing on all its best programs, I closed my eyes and set my DVR, knowing I was playing a game of chance in hoping that this show would replace my Lost. Annnd ... jackpot! So maybe FlashForward isn't yet on par with Lost, but it answered all of the Vidiot's prayers. I am still a winner.

As the opening credits rolled, and knowing essentially nothing of the show's plot, I recognized two of the screenwriters: David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga. Goyer wrote the scripts for both of the most recent Batman movies and Braga scripted many episodes of my beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation. Surely, putting these guys in the same room was bound to yield incendiary results.

The show's first hour too quickly tried to set up the complicated family dynamics of its characters, but the premise was too good to fret: On Oct. 6, 2009, every human on earth blacked out for 137 seconds and got a brief glimpse of what they will be doing on April 29, 2010, at 10 p.m. This might seem like a trivial thing to witness, but what if in that window you were cheating on a spouse or being strangled? Or worse yet, what if during the worldwide blackout, all you experienced was literal blackness?

Suddenly, the world unites to interpret what their visions mean. And a top FBI agent (Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare in Love)--the show's primary character thus far--follows clues from his "flash forward" to uncover the phenomenon's cause.

Like so many hit shows, FlashForward continually elaborates on back stories and visions, slowly developing a broader profile of its characters and potential plot avenues. And like Lost, it delivers consistent episode-ending cliffhangers.

If you haven't yet experienced FlashForward and want to, I wouldn't wait the months until season one reaches DVD; I would visit and catch up now. With Lost nearing its conclusion, Vidiot's gonna throw an epic temper tantrum if this show gets canceled prematurely because of a lack of viewership. No joke.

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