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Re: “Boise Weekly's Obama Wishlist


An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

6 December 2008

President Elect Barack Obama, 5046 South Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60615 2806

Dear Mr. President,

The socio-economic system I propose will ennoble and sustain humanity for millennia and across galaxies.

My story is the same story as many European Americans: Born under Fascism; Triumphed in Democracy.

I was born in Rome, Italy in 1941, under the thumb of Mussolini and one day before the calumny of Pear Harbor.

Like many of my fellow emigrants I have lived and helped to build, protect and uphold the dream that is America. Like many of my fellow senior citizens I watch as our beloved country careens dangerously toward neo-fascist rule. What follows are my beliefs and values, created through extensive studies of many spiritual, scientific, political, social and philosophical systems.

I offer them below as soft and distant echoes in a primeval forest. Is there anyone there? Is there anyone listening?

We can create the world described below. First it takes consensus reached through dialogue and reason. Then it takes political will and benevolent, wise, honest and capable leadership. And finally it will take a united world of sovereign citizens from all free and sovereign nations to work together to create these transforming changes.

May this find you in the best of health and in high spirits of whatever you hold most sacred. This is the season of passage into winter. For us in the North the darkness descends into the longest night, soon to ascend toward the longest day. Our life is not circular but spiral. As we orbit we also speed on a trajectory of uncertain direction and destination. I believe we have sufficient intelligence and power to chart our own course across the unknown, and with winds of fortune at our back, reach this ideal; this paradise; this Utopia.

The biggest tragedy that plagues humanity is that too few of us believe Utopia is a real place. A place that can in deed be reached. Reaching a place requires belief that it is there and the will and desire to get there. I hear mostly two things about this ideal state. It is impossible to create, and if it were, Utopia will be too boring to endure.

Well, what if it were not necessary to create it, what if it already exists, and what if when we get there we discover that it is a land of infinite freedom, abundance, opportunity and the most intriguing mind-blowing possibilities. What if we found amazing freedom, challenge, and accomplishment for all of us there, not just the “lucky” few? I point to a Utopia that doesn’t lull to sleep but rather gives the gift of time and full life so that we can grow as much as we can.

We now have the opportunity to go there as an entire planet. America, some time ago, was beginning to lead the world toward true liberty. Will this new administration be able to redeem American Freedom; first for us Americans and then in the eyes of the world?

We are fast approaching the crossroads of liberty and tyranny. I do not think humanity will last many more millennia on the road of tyranny. I do think we can thrive indefinitely on the road of liberty. Let us take this voyage together as a United Humanity.

A few observations, ideas and possibilities:

1. Health

a. We now live in a global environment in which it is nearly impossible to be born, live a normal healthy life and die of natural causes.

b. The modern allopathic pharmaceutical industrial medical system is based and dependent on people being sick rather than on people being healthy. This thinking is self perpetuating and serves the industry above the people.

c. The entire planet has become an environmental Superfund Site. Toxic industrial waste now continually circulates around the globe in our oceans and our atmosphere. We cannot have healthy people without a healthy environment.

d. This planet needs a new bill of health. We must immediately introduce a new medical model designed to maintain optimum health by preventing disease through the elimination of toxic sources of all environmental pollutants. Waste disposal industry and the medical profession are intimately entwined.

e. Any and all systems for disease prevention and healing must be held in common trust and freely distributed to all of humanity, immediately and equally.

f. Immediate action must be taken to create automated industry to produce, package and distribute locally generated Health Food at a fair market price. Organic Food must become the standard of the industry not an expensive choice.

g. All profit gained through health care would be declared criminal activity.

h. All healing centers must be transformed and operated as not-for-profit institutions for health education and maintenance. This doesn’t mean that people working in private or public health care cannot make a fair salary from working in a not-for-profit health industry.

2. Food

a. Too much of the food being produced throughout most of the world is nutritionally inadequate and often contaminated with pesticides, toxins and other environmental insults like potentially dangerous artificial genetic manipulation.

b. Local markets must take control of community food production, packaging, distribution and marketing.

c. Inadequately nutritious food is being shipped all over the world at great expense and waste of natural resources.

d. Free stocks of natural, not genetically modified seeds and livestock must be distributed globally, immediately.

e. Because food is a human right, necessary for our survival as much as the air we must breathe and the water we must drink, all food and/or seed patents must be revoked.

f. A minimum standard of nutritionally adequate food must be distributed to anyone who is in need of it. This must be recognized as a natural birthright, not a privilege.

g. Gourmet food is a privilege. Food sufficient to prevent disease and death through starvation is a right.

h. For the bon vivants amongst us let us welcome sufficient gourmet food and drink to keep us happy… when we are also happy to pay the price. Some of the profits from private gourmet food production and some of the taxes from fine food consumption may be used to subsidize food for the less fortunate.

3. Shelter

a. Basic clothing and basic housing is a birthright for all human beings. Luxury clothing and housing is a privilege that may be earned, but not through the exploitation of the vast majority of the world population by a very few powerful and clever people.

b. There are enough resources on earth right now to create sufficient clothing and housing for all of the people of the world now and the many more to come.

c. Robotics and Local Automated Industry must be created and distributed worldwide to continuously manufacture minimum standard clothing and minimum standard housing for anyone who is in need of it.

d. Much of the expenses now allocated to the military industrial complex can be diverted toward the creation of a Global Shelter Institute.

e. This new Global Shelter Institute will convert a substantial section of industrial military suppliers toward robotics and localized automated industries on a global scale to manufacture and distribute minimum standard clothing and minimum standard housing to any one in need of these.

f. Those who are disadvantaged but still able to pay may pay an honest and fair, small percentage of their earnings for locally produced basic clothing and shelter.

4. Education

a. The human brain is characterized by thousands of trillions of bytes of information. The human mind appears to reach beyond even the complexity of the human brain. What we refer to as consciousness seems to be a self organizing system of systems. Consciousness seems to be an exquisite system of energies arranged in intentionality fields.

b. The best way to ensure continued positive cultural evolution is to nurture, train, expand and enlighten human minds. This is the process we have called education, but it is not what we are now doing in The United States of America with the current educational system.

c. The current educational model for America is one of conformity, rote memorization, and statistical performance. It fosters “group think”.

d.True brilliance of mind is characterized by non-conformity, relational analysis and synthesis, and unique performance… individuation.

e. What we need is an Education Revolution. Education must be seen as a continuous process of not only permission, but encouragement of exploration in an infinite field of all possibilities. Wisdom must guide this exploration by emphasizing our highest value of human life.

f.Above all, as in the medical profession, the educator must do no harm. A teacher’s highest responsibility is to enrich, ennoble and expand the mind and heart of the student, and to remove any and all impediments which may restrict a student’s natural abilities and highest sense of self esteem.

g. As a nation of free and sovereign people we must re-invent our entire educational system. We need to put the power of education back in the hands of parents. Bureaucrats do not know how to educate. The critical quality of a teacher is the will to share the power of knowledge and wisdom, and to exponentially increase this power in others. That is the opposite of what bureaucrats do.

h. If we are truly interested in America’s leadership of free people in a free and prosperous world then we will begin to invest as much or more resources in education as we now invest in the military industrial complex.

5. Energy

a. Living is an energy dependent process. No energy, no life. To control, monopolize and sell at high profit any form of energy upon which life depends is a criminal act.

b. There is such an abundance of energy available in perpetuity on this planet that owning and selling energy must be recognized to be as ludicrous as owning and selling water or air.

c. A Super Manhattan Energy Project must begin immediately to discover, invent and create life sustaining energy harvesting and/or energy production and distribution systems. These systems must not pollute our environment.

d. Energy production and distribution for fair and reasonable profit may proceed, but under very strict regulation such that profits may only go into fair living wages for those harvesting or creating and distributing energy and toward research and development of environmentally clean and renewably sustainable forms of energy.

e. A minimum standard of life sustaining energy must be distributed to all human beings via not-for-profit energy distribution systems. If we do not share energy equitably we kill people… children, women, men. A civilized society may not ignore this reality.

6. Resources

a. Anything that is necessary or useful to do anything is a resource. Everything on earth and in the heavens is a resource. Humans transform resources into the infrastructure of modern civilization. It is time to begin to do so wisely not like a bunch of profligate idiots.

b. The growth of civilization must henceforth proceed in a benevolent way toward all of us, our progeny and our environment.

c. Any resource harvested from any environment belongs in common to the sovereign citizens of that environment. This means that resources are owned in common by all the people in the community where the resources are found. If this is too difficult to understand we can talk about it, but basically it’s not unlike some one stealing vegetables, lambs or chickens out of your back yard.

d. The people who do the work of harvesting a given resource may profit from the work they do through free market distribution of that resource. But they may not benefit from obscene windfall profits through monopolized illegal “ownership” of the harvested resource.

e. Any resource may be purchased by anyone through a fair free market system.

f. Through entrepreneurial genius and vision any resource may be refined and transformed into any product to be distributed for profit, in a fair free market system, provided such products do no harm to life or environment.

7. Violence

a. Throughout the long era of human evolution, the worth of any individual or of any segment of society has been measured by assessing accumulation of wealth and social status. This era is beginning to draw to a close. A new measure of individual worth is beginning to emerge. The new measure of personal worth will be the amount of individual personal growth.

b. We shall measure net worth by assessing the level of personal growth one achieves rather than the financial wealth one accumulates. Then we can focus more on an economy of ideas and wise solutions, implemented to resolve critical problems that threaten the continued existence of our world.

c. We are rapidly approaching the real possibility of severely compromising or even destroying some of the basic planet-wide systems that have, so far, kept us alive.

d. The socio-economic pressures on modern humanity, living in a paradigm of financially defined wealth, are unbearable at best and ultimately unsustainable in the final years of this era. In a closed loop system like planet earth, certain aspects of geographical growth are finite. Only metaphysical growth is infinite.

e. Government can print money forever but the stuff we make, move around and accumulate to circulate the money we print will eventually choke planet earth. We have to begin to make wise choices about what we create and why.

f. Violence is the inevitable result of inflamed competitive attitude. Violent behavior is necessary and even desirable for evolution in primates and other animals and some plants. But it is a useless appendage for an evolved and civilized society.

g. When violence emerges but remains under control in a sporting event, then such violent or aggressive behavior may be excused, as long as such behavior does not lead to excessive suffering or death.

h. Any violence resulting in excessive suffering or death is criminal and, like war, it is a form of insanity.

i. Yet violence is every where in society however modern or traditional. Some leaders in society must begin to discover that in the end, it is futile to attempt to defeat or extinguish violence with more violence.

j. Violent behavior as a way of interacting and controlling our environment tends to perpetuate itself. We must wake up and see that resolution of conflict through violence is impossible.

k. Violence is a primitive way of resolving problems.

l. A violent system is usually dynamically unstable until it runs out of fuel.

m. War is fueled by desire to conquer and control territory in order to expand empire. Expansion of empire subjugates, enslaves and kills people.

n. A global network of local Irenology Institutes must be launched immediately to study ways of discouraging violence and minimizing its effect.

o. It would serve us best if we were to transform the Pentagon into the International Institute of Irenology. Irenology, by the way, is the study of peace.

p. As long as violence, (be it psychological, physical or sexual, within a family or a community, belligerent economic international black mail, or open warfare amongst nations) is the way we choose to “resolve” conflict, we are doomed to endless cycles of disasters.

q. We will have cycles of violent natural disasters in increasing quantities in the coming years. With wisdom we can at least reduce a lot of human violence. Then in peace we can join together to help bring the earth back into balance, and begin to create a prosperous non violent world of peaceful and sustainable abundance.

8. Security

a. Security has a lot to do with violence.

b. We must realize that security can never be achieved through force or violence.

c. Violence generates the need for security; it cannot create or guarantee security.

d. Only communication, understanding, tolerance, cooperation, reciprocity, integrity, fair play, friendship and yes, love, can create and guarantee security.

e. Try putting the CIA, the NSA, the CFR, the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and women and men in uniform everywhere in charge of doing all of the above things and the speed at which global security and peace will be created may astonish you.

9. Transportation

a. Just because we are able to build it is never a good reason to build any enterprise we may want to create. We must ask should we build it and why? We must ask what are the long term benefits or consequences. These are questions which are not often asked.

b. In a world ruled, or better, guided by wise people, the most important question must always be: Should we build it? What is the long term effect of this we wish to create?

c. The systems and infrastructure we build to move people, things and information around the globe must be completely reconsidered.

d. From La Grange Point space elevators to laser or microwave transmission of data/energy through the atmosphere, we must take a very close look at all possible systems and infrastructure we may wish to build and evaluate each one to discover which ones best serve humanity. Global rail and tube systems, on the ground, above ground, under ground, under water, in the air… all possibilities.

e. Wire, wireless, quantum-simultaneity, optical fiber, carrier pigeon, teleportation, flying car, personal levitation device, VLTA, (very large lighter than air aircraft). Everything is on the table as long as we continue to ask: Should we build it? What are the long term consequences on all systems?

10. Interracial Relations

a. Racial division of humanity as a social construct has no viable currency in scientific taxonomic circles.

b. The idea of different races is a tragic mistake. We are not different races on this planet. Humanity consists of different varieties within One Race. Whether we have black, yellow, red or white skin is the result of varietal differences in genetic information; simple chance evolutionary results from the geographic location of our progenitors. Get over it. Love one other anyway.

c. For purposes of peaceful coexistence, we may all consider ourselves and each other the race of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, evolved from the species Homo Sapiens, expressing in great wonderful variety.

11. Foreign Aid

a. Foreign aid is an illusion created and perpetuated by failure to implement any of the above.

b. A vast amount of “foreign aid” ends up in secret Swiss bank accounts of very wealthy and unscrupulous so called leaders of society.

c. By implementing all of the above we will be living in a world where nowhere is “foreign” and no one needs aid because the focus off all programs will be the well being of all individuals in all societies.

12. Foreign Relations

a. The war on terror is a ridiculous oxymoron. War is terror. It is like saying war on war. The only thing you can do about war and terror is to stop planning, supporting and making war and stop terrorizing. And the only way to end both is to make both terror and war unprofitable and unsatisfying for anyone.

b. At the top of the agenda must be an International Apology and Restitution Conference on the simple idea that often all it takes to prevent hostile action is to pick up a phone and apologize for our mistakes and begin exploring ways for restitution.

c. We must begin immediately to put into motion a National Class Action Letter of Apology from the People of America to the People of Iraq.

d. We must then invite the people of Iraq to reciprocate so that when we meet, our bows will be the same height and our handshake or embrace will be genuine.

e. A national letter of apology to the people of Iraq, followed by swift and friendly withdrawal of government military forces and civilian militant forces, while simultaneously initiating a Marshal Plan sized reconstruction of Iraq, can be the beginning of a Global Year of Reconciliation.

f. Pick at random 200 men and 200 women from every country in the world through a global Internet lottery. These four hundred women and men will become charter members of a Global Council of Peace and Reconciliation. They will preside over The International Hall of Apology and Restitution.

g. Americans and indeed world citizens must begin now to implement the items in a, b, and e above (International Apology and Restitution Conference, Global Council of Peace and Reconciliation, National Class Action Letter of Apology, International Hall of Apology and Restitution) with or without government participation or interference.

h. The critical thing for American citizens to understand and practice now is the Constitutional principle of self government. The government is not only the people we elect. The government is us. We must begin to practice good government; first here at home and then globally.

i. The people we elect are our servants. They are pledged to honor, serve and protect We the People; The Nation, for which stands The U.S. Constitution. Too many of the people we elect do not, honor, serve and protect the people of The United States of America. They serve the “system”, which only serves the powerful few.

13. Trade

a. We all have the inalienable right to invent and create anything, and with our goods and services voluntarily participate in a free global market system, provided life and environment is never harmed and resources are not wasted. Communicate globally – create and consume locally.

b. We enrich human life and indeed all life when we discover, invent and create anything that ennobles and enhances the human experience.

c. Free trade in the ideas and wonder of humanity will free humanity.

14. Immigration

a. Immigration will eventually be the word we use to describe the free and voluntary travel by any citizen from any nation to any other nation, for whatever purpose and for whatever period of time they choose, provided they cause no harm.

b. As we address and implement much of the content of this letter the pressure to emigrate from places of diminishing opportunities to places of greater opportunity will be greatly reduced. We will begin to take the walls down all over the world because differences in geographical opportunities will diminish.

c. As we cherish the romance of sovereign nations, even as we thrill to the adventure of travel abroad, let us never forget the sovereignty of the people we meet.

d. When we are peacefully spreading our wings throughout the galaxy we ought not to worry about visas and “illegal” immigration from one place on this earth to another?

e. This is One World. We are One People.

15. Military

a. We must begin to realize that acts of war, declaration of war and participation in war are forms of insanity. They are life-defeating.

b. War craft must be recognized, classified and treated as mental illness. War craft is pathological sociopathic behavior. War threatens the extermination of humanity as much as any global disease epidemic.

c. We must launch immediately a publically funded global medical research enterprise to discover (and implement) psychological, biological and philosophical cures for war.

d. Having served ten years in the United States Air Force and the United States Navy with honor I can personally attest that military service can be invaluable experience for young men and women to develop strong character and (great) life skills. I think the same values can be instilled in our youth through committed service to humanity by participating in non military organizations.

e. From time immemorial the primary purpose of military institutions has been to break things and kill people. (Let’s stop breaking things and killing people.) We are what we think, and we become what we do.

If you, Mr. President, as our 44th head of government and Commander-in-Chief, find any of these observations, ideas and possibilities of interest I will be delighted.

Thank you for your attention.

With much respect, admiration and affection.

Sincerely yours,

Giuseppe Saitta

No rights reserved. Not copyrighted.

To be freely distributed by anyone who believes in the future of humanity as a free and sovereign people

Posted by Giuseppe Saitta on 01/30/2009 at 1:08 PM

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